Festivals in Ghana january 2011

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If you are planning to spend your thanksgiving holidays in Ghana, don't miss out on some of the greatest Ghanaian festivals preceding Christmas.

As we know Ghana offers the cheapest holiday in Africa. Flights to Ghana, accommodations, excursions and entertainment are all available in nearly all budgets and price ranges. The beach in Accra, or the canopy walk, there is so much to see and do in Ghana that you may now always find in the guide books or travel guides.

If you want to enjoy and experience African traditions in their truest essence than Ghana is the best place for you. It is the country, where every stage of life, every age and season are all celebrated. Such as the right of passage, when a young boy steps in adult hood or a girl turns a woman. The festivals of harvest and the festivals to commemorate the difficult days of draught, the festival to mark the beginning of fishing season or the onset of rain…there is a celebration for nearly everything in Ghana. These festivals are a great opportunity for travelers to indulge in African spirit, come face to face with African culture and take a peek in African history full of inspiring tales and legends.

Such cultural and traditional events are held almost throughout the year in Ghana. A large population gets together in towns and villages all over the country and participation is large. If you plan to stay a little longer in Ghana this December, you may get a chance to see any of the following two festivals.

The first festival in January (when flights to Ghana are also considerably cheaper) is the Bugum Festival. This festival has its roots and origin in Islam. The festival involves a passionate and exciting array of activities such as dancing, tribal shows, processions and drumming.

The second festival to be celebrated in January is the Edina Buronya. It is held on the first Thursday of the New Year by the people of Elmina tribe. Contrary to the Bugum festival, this festival has its origin form Christianity and is more of a Ghanaian version of Christmas. This festival also includes exciting dancing, drumming and additionally it is also a time to celebrate the fish-catching ritual.

The venues for many such festivals are usually in close proximity of the capital city Accra. Also, nearly all cheap, low cost and direct flights to Ghana arrive at Accra International Airport. Nowadays, you can get cheap flights to Accra with a variety of reliable airlines including Air Brussels, Virgin Atlantic, KLM and British Airways.

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Festivals in Ghana january 2011

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